Nola Blue and Blind Raccoon proudly announce the launch of ?Blue Heart Records? with first artist, MISS BIX!

Yes our very own Artist of the Month has a record label.

Everyone at Radio BluesFlac and TMEfm Radio are over the moon at the news.


Cut & Paste follows.


Nola Blue, Inc. and Blind Raccoon Launch New Label Imprint with the Miss Bix Catalog

Blue Heart Records has been created for artists who wish to retain ownership of their music while enjoying the worldwide distribution, promotion, and marketing services of a label, expanding the service offerings of Nola Blue, Inc. and Blind Raccoon.
By: Nola Blue Records
Blue Heart Records
Blue Heart Records

MEMPHIS, Tenn.Jan. 10, 2020PRLogNola Blue, Inc. and Blind Raccoon proudly announce a new option for musicians via the Blue Heart Records imprint.  Artists will now be able to utilize the successful combination of CPI Distribution (physical), The Orchard (digital) and Blind Raccoon (publicity and promotion) that serves Nola Blue Records so well, while retaining the independence of full ownership and control of their music.  This joint venture further expands the successful partnership established between Nola Blue and Blind Raccoon two years ago.

The unique needs of Blue Heart Records’ first client, Leslie Letven Bixler, exemplifies some of the key benefits provided by the label.  At the recommendation of Betsie Brown, owner of Blind Raccoon, Bixler first contacted Nola Blue president, Sallie Bengtson, with the objective of discussing a label deal for her next blues album.  By the end of the conversation, the women both realized there were other opportunities to explore first.  After many years as a creator and performer of various styles and genres of music, Bixler has a catalog of music that has been released under various names: Leslie Letven (maiden name), Leslie Bixler (married name) and her hip new moniker, Miss Bix.  How to connect the dots and strategically cross-market all of her work using the power of today’s digital recordkeeping and delivery presented both an opportunity as well as a challenge, and the women were inspired to take action.

Through a creative re-branding of all of Bixler’s work, her entire catalog will be released under the artist name of “Miss Bix” with sub-branding in the various genres (jazz, children’s, pop, rock and blues) to tie it all together.  Creating a Miss Bix brand “umbrella” positions Bixler to revitalize her existing catalog and also reach new audiences in the process.   A multi-phase roll-out of the new Miss Bix catalog is planned throughout 2020, beginning with “We Don’t Own The Blues,” currently charting on the Roots Music Report, the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association chart and the Australian Blues and Roots Airplay chart.

Leslie Letven Bixler has been creating music for her entire adulthood, including smooth jazz, rock and pop, then naturally transitioning to children’s music after becoming a mother.  More recent explorations into the depths of the blues have sparked an intense, passion-driven musical trajectory.  “The music biz is changing so fast and it’s a real challenge to stay on top of it.  Sallie at Blue Heart gives me the help I need to tie all my loose ends together, and get a centered, clear marketing strategy.  As a seasoned writer/producer, I really prefer to keep control of my projects and keep my publishing, and this concept allows me that independence while supporting mutual growth. I’ve gone the old-fashioned label route before, and ended up regretting it.  I also like that there are two strong, talented women who get things done at the helm, running this label,” says Bixler.

Brown notes, “The launch of Blue Heart Records is a significant option for enterprising independent artists to harness the resources of Nola Blue & Blind Raccoon.”

According to Bengtson, “From our initial phone consultation to all subsequent discussions, there is no question why Leslie has had opportunities to collaborate with entertainers of the caliber of Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Dick Van Dyke.  The passion with which she utilizes her gifts is both inspirational and contagious, and a perfect match for Blue Heart Records.”

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