Finally after the dramatic 13th Round when Referee Dykspykable Dick Slack moved in to separate the girls and received a couple of low blows which put him out of action we are happy to report he is now fit enough to use his scorecard to declare a winner after the judges had called a draw.


“It is always difficult for the referee to call the result from his scorecard, which has been under lock and key since I was put into a coma, but it has to be done.”

“The judges were split equally on the result (rumors about a pay-off could be true) so it is my decision that counts.”

“Kelly’s Lot came out “stronger” and more than once Donna “Got what she deserved” but she came back “fixin to die” and gave Kelly the “Black eye Blues”.”

“I had to delete points from both for excessive time spent repairing makeup and time cooking in the kitchen.”

The seconds were both warned for excessive corner fondling”

“Plus not being able to score the final 13th round my card shows the contest was a draw.”

“A result I am sure the long departed crowd would agree with.”


So there we have it straight from the horses mouth. A DRAW.

Reviews of the competitors efforts will follow as soon as the reporters get over the shock of the result being called a Draw.

Coming soon. “LIVE” Shows from Radio BluesFlac!

Yep, “LIVE” shows direct from the digital source.

What you thought artists in the studio? Come on, a Band of four would be more than listeners.

No, those live tracks that we have thousands of, being played in concert with a full length Live album in the middle. Roughly 4 hours in length and some of the tracks sound rough in lossless flac believe me.

Date and time will be posted here on and automatically appear on Social Media like magic.

Coming soon to Radio BluesFlac “The Album” an idea from TMEfm Radio

Yes starting soon an album played from track one right through to the end chosen by many and various.

Believe me some wonderful albums to listen to, I mean every track!

The time and date of the specials will be posted here and directly onto the social media.


As a bonus to readers send in that favorite 21st century album, Blues album of course and it will be played eventually.