Angel Forrest – Hell Bent With Grace

Up to now, Angel Forrest has had a glorious three-decade career that’s led her everywhere around the globe. Now in her 50’s, the vocalist still wants to go out there and rock. Throughout her new album Hell Bent With Grace, Angel gives the perspective of an aging woman in the public eye and her lessons learned – with a gritty touch. The album starts off with a tongue-incheek reference to how menopause is a monster (Menie the Monster). Good times keep coming with Get It On, a true treat to get the party going. The opus also explores tough subjects – The Blame Game is about mental health – as Angel takes a retrospective look at her own life, as well as her relationships with the rest of the world and the ones closest to her.

Musically, the album reflects the bluesy influences of Angel and her long-time partners, coproducers Denis Columbus and Ricky Paquette. Fans that were there from the beginning as well as newer ones will embrace Hell Bent WIth Grace’s heartfelt, raw groove which has always made the Canadian blues star’s success.More Info At:

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